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Adult Cystic Acne | CysticAcneBlog.com


All You Need to Know About Cystic Acne

Adult Cystic Acne

Dealing With Adult Cystic Acne In 4 Steps

Many people equate acne with teenage years and puberty.  However, there are millions of adults that continue to suffer from redness, whiteheads, pimples and even cysts.  Adult cystic acne can be painful both physically and mentally.  It often leads to anxiety problems or other depressive behaviors and can leave deep scarring if it is not treated very carefully.  If you are an adult dealing with cystic acne, there are a few steps that you should take to deal with it the right way.

Many people try to do so many things at once thinking they will get rid of adult cystic acne with some miracle creams. But most likely, they will irritate the skin to the point where the problem starts to spread  like mushrooms after the rain. So let’s take a look together at the right steps you need to take when dealing with adult cystic acne.

The Best Ways to Approach Adult Cystic Acne Problems:

Step #1 – Identify What Adult Acne Do You Have

You may not know this, but there are no fewer than 10 relatively common types of acne.  These range from moderate forms that include whiteheads, blackheads and pimples to the more severe types such as cystic acne.  It is important for you to identify the type that you have since each should be treated differently.  Cystic acne is characterized by pus filled nodules of at least 5 mm across.  These appear most commonly on the face but may also show up on the neck and the back.

Step #2 – Never Squeeze A Cyst!

A lot of people who suffer from acne problems think that popping pimples is a great way to get rid of them.  While it might result in a bit of short lived psychological relief, it causes many more physical problems than it solves.  If you attempt to squeeze or pop a cyst, chances are good that you will cause a deep skin infection that might result in a larger cyst or inflammation that could last for several months longer than the cyst would have.Adult cystic acne

Step #3 – Contact A Dermatologist to Check out Your Cystic Acne Problems

Adult cystic acne is a serious skin condition and it needs to be treated as such.  After you have identified that you suffer from this condition, you need to contact a skin expert.  If your acne is dealt with as soon as possible, you will have your best chance at minimizing any scars that might be left over.  A dermatologist can do a lot to help ease your symptoms.  For instance, they may administer a cortisone shot directly into the larger cysts.  Not only will this cause the swelling to go down and minimize the physical size of the cyst, but it will also help to reduce scarring.

Step #4 – Stick To Your Adult Cystic Acne Treatment

Your dermatologist will most likely recommend a treatment that includes oral antibiotics or other medications.  It is incredibly important that you stick to the regimen that they have recommended.  During the time, it is also important that you try to avoid touching your face as the oil from your fingers can exacerbate your skin problems.

While you are healing your adult cystic acne, spend time finding ways to bring positivity into your life.  Because this is one of the most severe forms of acne, it can often lead to depression since it is quite difficult to deal with the large blemishes that might show up on your face.  Which makes it that much more important that you follow these four steps as quickly as possible to ensure the most effective treatment of your adult cystic acne problems.

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